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Why Choose BluePrint Data

BluePrint Data is a global leader in OEM web site / URL Content Filtering technologies and services.

OEM Internet Filtering Products and Services

BluePrint Data provides Internet Filtering technologies to companies to embed into their products and services. Our OEM and white label Internet Filtering products are in use in network gateway security devices, client desktop software, mobile platform apps, in the cloud, and elsewhere.

BluePrint Data's white label DNS Internet Filtering is available in the cloud, locally installed, or as client software and is made for integration into Internet Security products and services. Our high quality Web site / URL Filtering makes us the most trusted Web site content authority in the world. In fact, other Internet Filtering companies contract with BluePrint Data to complete web site / URL content reviews to improve their filter databases or when their automated technology can't determine a web site or URLs content.

Products & Services

WEBHAWK Internet Filtering Device

BluePrint Data India (an independent entity from BluePrint Data) Announces the launch of WebHawk Internet Filtering devices for schools, small businesses, etc.

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