cloud based services

BluePrint Data's cloud based internet content filter service significantly decreases the time and complexity of integrating a URL / Web Content Filtering service into software or hardware based security products and offerings. The service also enables current cloud based service suppliers to expand their offerings to include Internet Content Filtering or Parental Controls.

The BluePrint Data Cloud Engine provides URL / Web site lookups for content filtering via the Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (Amazon EC2) platform, which offers very high efficiency, extremely low latency, excellent reliability, on-demand scalability, international regions and availability zones, edge network services, and 99.95% uptime guarantee.

BluePrint Data provides a set of API's, SDK's, and Web based tools to utilize our in-the-cloud Internet Filtering service. If a cloud installation is not what you need, we also provide copies of the database and/or content engine for your local use, installation on network or client devices, or for your data center / network.

The API's and SDK's provide you JSON (Java), HTML (get requests), and XML options and versions to request the URL / web site lookups. We believe the value we add is in our database and quality tools to access that data, from anywhere and in whatever way you want. To that end we use open source solutions when possible and provide all our source code, uncompiled, for your inspection and modification.