network security

BluePrint Data provides Internet Filtering solutions for installation at any network point or location. From Network Gateway Security appliances such as Unified Threat Management (UTM) or firewalls, to wireless routers and small home network devices or any hybrid or virtual combination thereof and for any operating system from Windows Server to Linux, BSD and even "on chip" programming.

BluePrint Data provides a locally installable "Content Engine" with our full URL filter database as well as a set of API's, SDK's, and Web based tools and utilities to assist in the integration of our URL filtering into your services.

  • For very large volume traffic devices such as those in use at an Internet Service Provider (ISP) we offer a Linux and Windows Server "Content Engine" optimized for high speed lookups and requests. We also license our database (as plain text) for direct integration.
  • For Network Gateway security devices such as Unified Threat Management (UTM) or firewalls, we offer a locally installable configurable Linux or Windows Server "Content Engine". Options include adjustable cache size from full URL filter database to zero for maximum performance or minimal footprint allowing 100% of the cached URL filter database to reside in memory.
  • For local area networks such as home or small office BluePrint Data offers a minimal client that can call to the cloud for each URL lookup or cache some URL Filter data locally. This option is especially competitive for cable companies; phone companies and others offering services such as a "triple play" which includes Television, Phone and Internet.

The locally installable Content Engine works with BSD, Linux, OSX, and Windows operating systems (both clients and servers). BluePrint Data provides both the compiled product as well as the source code for easy of customization and modification. The Content Engine can be configured with a variable cache size from zero to a local copy of the full BluePrint Data URL Filter database. URL/web page lookups are directed to the Content Engine as HTML, JSON or XML requests and the Content Engine responds with one of the 66 categories BluePrint Data uses to classify web site content. Queries can be limited to a web site or domain or allow within web site domain information. The Content Engine returns approximately 1,500 requests per second running on a standard “off the shelf” computer with a single processor and 4 GB of memory. The Content Engine works by looking for a requested URL in the cache (which can be either in memory or on disk) and returning the content information for the requested URL. If the information does not exist in the cache, information is retrieved in real time from the BluePrint Data Cloud URL Filter Lookup service and is cached locally. The Time to Live for the cached data is a configurable option.