DNS Ad BLocking & Filtering

DNS Ad BLocking & Filtering

Content Filtering

BizNet filters automatically block inappropriate websites based on the categorizations you define. BizNet also monitors all user web activity. In addition to the automatic filter rules, administrators can define customized white and black lists per desktop, IP range or user/group. BizNet’s URL database of over 350- million scanned websites is comprehensive and growing.

Active Directory Connector

BizNet’s Directory Connector is designed to leverage your Microsoft Active Directory server to simplify policy management and enrich reporting. Directory Connector can be used for:

  • Enforcing policy, such as web content restrictions, by user name and by group name.
  • Leverages existing Active Directory deployments.
  • Authenticate by Directory Connector username.
  • Reporting by Directory Connector username.

Bandwidth Limiting

BizNet can be configured to limit bandwidth based on user, IP address or policy.
Benefits include:

  • Enforces fair sharing of the Internet among multiple users.
  • Makes the most use of limited bandwidth without having to upgrade Internet connection.

Policy Manager

Policy Manager enables administrators to fine tune network privileges. Policy Manager’s intuitive GUI makes it easy for administrators to:

  • Create filtering policies by username.
  • Create filtering policies by time or day of the week.
  • More easily manage and automate multiple Internet usage policies across organizations.

Pass Thru Appliance

*BizNet appliances come standard with network pass thru networking cards. If your BizNet ceases to operate for any reason the network card will automatically pass through all network traffic to your devices. This ensures BizNet will not be a point of failure in your network.

* BizNet’s entry level model, WH100, does not come standard with a network pass thru networking card.

Cloud Filtering Option Available

BizNet can be used as a cloud based solution:

  • Can easily be setup as your primary DNS.
  • User friendly cloud based administration.
  • 99.9% Uptime