Blue Print Data offers a locally installable fully manageable software “content engine” for URL lookups designed for Internet Filtering and Parental Controls.The local content engine can be installed on any system or device running a Linux, Windows, or OSX Operating system (and some BSD distributions). The content engine includes a web server so you can make “lookup calls” locally via XML, JSON, or HTTP.The content engine looks to the local configurable cache and if the information is not there requests it from the cloud, caches it and returns the data to your query.

In addition, there is an option to load the entire URL Filter Database locally. The cache size is configurable and there is no additional software need to use the content engine as it is completely self sufficient. You specify if you want the cache in memory or kept on the disk and, for Linux systems, you can specify that it run as a daemon.For speed optimization and reliability the content engine is designed to look to a primary and secondary location for the cloud queries.

The content engine URL Lookup can be as simple as a specially format URL string such as:
Where specific information is entered into the URL lookup request URL String such as user name and ID, the URL in question and the type of lookup. Similarly a correctly formatted URL string can be posted in a web browser so that you receive a valid response